911 Wallet

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BE ORGANIZED AND PERFORM BETTER. The 911 Wallet™ neatly and securely holds everything emergency workers are challenged to carry on-the-job. But that is just the beginning of the 911 Wallet does to help make your job easier.

While carrying a wallet or bag is essential in the civilian life, it can be challenging on-the-job. While you need to carry some cash, an ID/license and perhaps a charge card or two, there was a reluctance to carrying their wallet or bag in the field. That is why the 911 Wallet is designed to securely hold these important must haves while leaving your wallet/bag at home or in a secure location.

In addition to holding your cash and cards, our abundant pocketing system also provides several places to securely hold and organize other important notes, business cards or other information that you accumulate in your work. 

Next, there are door card/ID cards, a necessity in today’s world. The challenge is, having a secure place to hold them while maintaining their functionality. With the 911 Wallet, there are a number of compartments that, without removing the card, can unlock doors and, if necessary, provide quick access to the card.

Finally, with it's compact 4" x 5.5" size, the 911 Wallet™ will easily fit into most uniform pockets.