911 Wallet vs. Waiter Wallet Jr. Deluxe

Because of Covid's impact on manufacturing and shipping, we are out of stock of the 911 Wallet. However, the Waiter Wallet Jr. Deluxe is in stock. Other than the name, packaging, and pad, it is identical to the 911 Wallet. And it includes our Clear Pocket Insert for FREE (normally $7.50)

Info at Your Fingertips

911 Wallet's Clear Pocket System* perfectly positions VIP information for fast, easy access.

*shown with optional clear pocket insert

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One Size Fits All

Perfectly sized to fit uniform pockets, the 911 Wallet organizes everything you're challenged to carry.

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Valuables Safe and Sound

The 911 Wallet securely holds your personal cash and credit cards as well as work necessities.

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Securely Holds I.D.

An interior and exterior pocket for fast access to your access/ID card.

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Hands Free Operation

Hold IDs accessible for quick reference and note taking in the 911 Wallet

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  • Free Templates

    Quickly and easily create invaluable content with our FREE, on-line template system.

  • Secure Pocketing

    The 911 Wallet securely holds and organizes your cash, credit cards, IDs and cards and more.

  • Professional Style

    Not only do we protect your things but, we make you look good in the process.

  • Pad-fect for Notes

    A staple bound, double perforated 911 Pad is included with the 911 Wallet.

  • Organization is lifesaver

    No office? Organization is a snap when you are armed with the 911 Wallet system.

  • Even More Pockets

    Two V-Pockets and an optional Clear Pocket Insert holds everything professionals need.


How can I order the 911 Wallet?

Becasue of Covid's impact on manufacturing, we are out of stock of the 911 Wallet. However, we do have the Waiter Wallet Jr. Deluxe in stock. Other than is name, packaging and pad, it is identical to the 911 Wallet. And, it includes our Clear Pocket Insert for FREE, (normally $7.50)

I just use a pad. Why do I need a 911 Wallet?

Need is a strong word. You obviously currently perform your job well but that doesn’t mean you can’t perform it better. We believe, the more organized you are the better you will be at job. Not only does the 911 Wallet securely organize everything you are challenged to carry, which makes you more efficient but, with our perfectly positioned clear pocket system and free templates, you will have whatever information that is critical to your job at your fingertips.

There are other pad holders out there. What makes the 911 Wallet™ the best?

While securely holding a pad is important, that is just the beginning of the 911 Wallet. In the design process we spoke with countless professionals to better understand other functionality would help them perform better at their jobs. First, we learned that, while carrying a wallet or bag is essential in the civilian life, it can be challenging on the job. While you need to carry some cash, an ID/license and perhaps a charge card or two, there was reluctance to carrying their wallet or bag in the field. That is why the 911 Wallet is designed to securely hold these important must haves while leaving your wallet/bag at home or in a secure location. In addition to holding your cash and cards our abundant pocketing system also provide several places to securely hold and organize other important notes, business cards or other information that you accumulate in your work. Next, there are door card/ID cards, a necessity in today’s world. The challenge is, having a secure place to hold them while maintaining their functionality. With the 911 Wallet, there are a number of compartments that, with out removing the card, can unlock doors and, if necessary, provide quick access to the card. We also learned how beneficial it could be for professionals to have critical information at their fingertips. With the 911 Wallet’s Clear Pocket System and Free Templates, we help to generate important content and, more importantly, provide quick, easy access to the information. And, last but not the least reason why we feel the 911 Wallet has no equal, goes back to its essence, the 911 Wallet Pad (one included Free with each 911 Wallet). Not only is it neatly and securely contained in the 911 Wallet but, our pad’s strong staple binding and double perforation makes it perfectly suited for even the most challenging of jobs.

Will any pad fit into the 911 Wallet?

bsolutely! The 911 Wallet is designed to accommodate most, if not all, commercially available 3” x 5” pads. However, with the 911 Wallet Pad’s tough staple binding and easy to tear double-perforation we believe ours is the best pad out there. So, we recommend the 911 Wallet Pad

I love the 911 Wallet templates. Is there a way to have more than one in the 911 Wallet

We are so glad you asked. Yes, you can, with the addition of the Clear Pocket Insert. Simply slide the insert behind the 911 Wallet Pad and the top flap will fold over the order pad adding two additional clear pockets. You can even stack another Clear Pocket Insert behind the first, adding a total of four Clear Pockets to your 911 Wallet. But we think this might be too much of a good thing.

I want to purchase the 911 Wallet for our entire organization. Do you offer quantity discounts?

Of course we do. Please visit the Buy The Box area of our store for great discounts. There are also quantity discounts automatically applied depending on how many 911 Wallets you order. To see exactly what the discounts are, under the product information of all the 911 Wallets you can click the Buy in Bulk link or please feel free to contact us.

I love my 911 Wallet. What do I do to take care of it?

Insert the 911 Wallet Pad cardboard backing into the large top pocket (directly below the Clear Pocket). Slide templates any other information you may need to reference into the Clear Pocket Window. Use the smaller V-Pocket (with the 911 Wallet logo) to hold your door card, small calculator or anything else you want close at hand. Use the Wallet pocket to hold up to four credit cards or multiple business cards. Receipts and cash, keeping one on the top and the other on the bottom. To make it easier to fold, place your notes and cash at the bottom of the wallet pocket. 6 We recommend only placing one card in the V-Pockets. Placing more than one card in the pocket can permanently expand the pocket and it may no longer securely hold a fewer amount of cards. Wipe clean with a water dampened paper towel or rag. Do not fold the top of the 911 Wallet over the bottom. Do not store the 911 Wallet in excessively hot or extremely cold places. Additional 911 Wallet Pads can be ordered here. You can also use any commercially available 3″ x 5″ pad.